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The 10 Laws Of Social Media Marketing

Below are some laws of social media marketing. THE LAW OF LISTENING Success with Social media and content marketing requires more listening and less talking. Read your target audiences online content and join discussions to learn what’s important to them. THE LAW OF FOCUS It’s better to specialize than to be the jack-of-all trades. A […]

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Social Media Strategies That Works

Focus On Telling Your Story A lot of people fall into using social media as a purely promotional tool. The real power though is the ability to tell your story just like you would in person. The rise of blogging on social media show how much we love following people’s stories. Let those people that […]

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TOP 10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Hotels

Here are our top 10 tips for marketing your hotel on the social media platform. We have put these together from a daily experience performing internet marketing of our hotel clients. It is the best list of practical ideas that can be implemented night away. Blog Posting Have a blog to post information on activities, […]